Trusted by parents for over 70 years, Baby Magic® is a true legacy brand. We believe in tradition and that nothing bonds families together like shared experiences. We embrace the power of a loving touch and the emotional influence scents can bring. Through life’s sweet, precious moments, sleepless nights, messy blowouts and endless cries…just know, we are here on this journey with you. Welcome to the Baby Magic® family.


Improved for a wholesome clean.

The same great fragrances that generations of Baby Magic® customers know and love, but now without phthalates, parabens, dyes and sulfates.


Happy 65th Birthday, Baby Magic!

Baby Magic celebrated its 65th birthday in October of 2016!


Great For Mommy, Too!

Baby Magic products are great for babies and for mothers, too, as shown in this 1985 commercial!


Trusted By Generations

Baby Magic has been trusted by generations of parents and doctors alike! This fun commercial from 1981 describes a baby bath time routine using Baby Magic.


Rising Above The Competition

Baby Magic launched a commercial that emphasized the quality of Baby Magic products over other leading competitors.


Baby Magic’s First Commercial Airs

Mennen, the original owners of Baby Magic, launched the first known Baby Magic TV commercial.


Ladies In Waiting Show Off Their Newborns

The Baby Magic follow up to the ‘Lady in Waiting’ Campaign launched, again featuring notable models and actresses with their newborn babies.


Ladies In Waiting Campaign Launches

The Baby Magic ‘Lady in Waiting’ Campaign launched, featuring notable models and actresses in couture maternity wear.


Baby Magic First Commercial Ad

The first Baby Magic ad appeared in Collier’s Magazine, featuring the original Baby Magic Lotion.


Baby Magic Is Born

Baby Magic, a line of exceptional baby care products that have been loved by generations, was born in 1951!