The DREAM BABY NIGHTS e-book series offers actionable expert advice on establishing healthy sleep habits, creating a successful bedtime routine. Sleep-deprived parents will see significant results within two weeks (or sooner!).

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  • Easy – Think surfer dude, they have no trouble taking the craziness of the world in stride.
  • Sensitive – Very perceptive but fragile. A ringing phone startles them or they may occasionally look away when you get too close because you’re invading their space, not because they don’t love you.
  • Challenging – Their personalities are too big for them to handle. Parents often nickname these kiddo’s “Little Miss Must have”, “Sassy Girl” or “Big Boss Baby”.
  • Intense – Personality between passion and explosion. Instead of taking a little distress in stride a small spark of distress is like dynamite for them. Once they’re wailing, stopping the upset may be hard, even when they get what they want.

The earliest we sleep train is 16 weeks from your estimated due date based on sleep maturity.

Carolynne J. Harvey

Baby Sleep Expert, Author & Founder of Dream Baby Sleep®

Carolynne J. Harvey founded Dream Baby Sleep® with a goal of enabling families of newborns to overcome the many challenges associated with achieving maximum sleep. A mom who “broke all the rules” when her daughter was an infant, Harvey wants to educate and empower parents to take control of sleep in their homes. Harvey is a graduate of Institute of Pediatric Sleep & Parenting™ Certified Sleep Consultants (120 hours), Newborn Sleep Certified 0-3 months and attended Family Sleep Institute’s Child Sleep Consultant program (200 hours) alongside a one-on-one mentorship with Family Sleep Institute Founder & President Deborah Pedrick. Harvey is an active member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants (IACSC). Harvey is a member of The Female Founder Collective a network of businesses led by women, supporting women. Harvey is the Author of “Dream Baby Nights©” an eBook series that demystifies sleep training.